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What is a science workshop?

A science workshop is basically of meeting of like-minded people who get together to learn about and discuss a particular topic. Generally workshops are held in a public place or venue related to the topic to be discussed. In particular a science workshop might be a gathering of scientific professionals who come together to share new procedures or discoveries. These workshops are also held for children who wish to get more involved in the sciences. One of these meetings for children would likely be held at their school or a school in a nearby community and there might be difference times slots for children of different age groups. The group would normally start with introductions of the participants to get to know one another and proceed into a general group discussion about science. After the discussion, the group likely moves onto hands-on experiences where children can learn how to use a wide variety of tools, equipment and techniques. Kids might learn how to use items such as telescopes, microscopes and lab tools. They may also learn how to do basic chemistry experiments.

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The Importance of Science From a Young Age 

While much focus is put on math and literature during the school years, science is an important subject to learn about too. Getting children involved in the sciences at a young age gets them interested in learning more about the natural side of life like plants, animals, the human body and the earth itself. Not only is science interesting, it can be fun too. Children love playing with scientific equipment that provides them with a hands on experience with results they can see. They also love creating experiments that show them something new and exciting that they can create themselves at home. The skills children learn while studying science won't necessarily be carried into a future career in the field but they will still learn valuable lessons they can take with them into adulthood.

How to get Kids more Involved in the Sciences

A science workshop is a great way to get kids involved in science. Look for these workshops in your local newspaper or through your child's school newsletter. Sometimes community libraries host children's workshops. Choose a science workshop that will have other children the same age so your child will be comfortable among his or her peers. Make sure they arrive with any equipment they may be required to bring from home. It might also be a good idea to engage your child in some science-related activities leading up to the workshop so they know what to expect and don't feel like they are going into it blindly. Have them watch some science-related television shows or movies and read books and magazines leading up to it. This will also open their minds to the world of science. After the workshop, provide them with continual access to these shows and books and keep the conversation going so they continue their interest in this very interesting and engaging field of study.